Christian Davies: Me, I’m OK

Opens October 18, 2012, 7-10pm

2815 23rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Each painting in Christian Davies’ current body of work presents a flat field of colorful shapes which move in and out of adherence to predetermined patterns. These all-over geometric compositions are strikingly consistent– and yet unique in countless minute ways. Intrigued by the traditional quilt patterns he was exposed to through his mother, a quilter, his work explores what happens when creative energy is applied to existing patterns and structures of shared experience. He draws a similarity between this process and the instruction-based painting show by the late Bob Ross, both of which have inspired countless copies and interpretations of a single set of instructions, all springing from the same directive, and yet no two can be the same.

Davies maintains a rigorous studio schedule. His practice is a mundane activity in both process and frequency. It’s certainly not about radical self-expression; however, neither is it about perfect adherence to the rules. He’s feeling out the middle-ground, wherein one gets to explore the individual self while following rules. Within that constraint, he creates a seemingly homogeneous oeuvre that is, upon closer inspection, rich with texture, improvisation, and idiosyncrasy.

The exhibition is hosted by J. Rusten Furniture Studio, founded in 2003 by artisan Jared Rusten with a mandate to advance the craft of woodworking, explore new and challenging solid-wood furniture designs, and construct beautiful, compelling, singular, and enduring objects. Starting in 2012, his Mission showroom doubles as a salon with the intent of showcasing the Bay Area’s talented visual artists.

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