Dark Matter

August 19, 2011 – September 18, 2011
Opening Friday, August 19, 7-10pm

at 1:AM Gallery
1000 Howard St
SF, CA 94103

A group exhibition featuring John Felix Arnold III, Christopher Burch, C3, Stan Chisholm, Casey Cripe, Jade Palasek & Justin Tolentino

SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 20, 2011 – 1:AM SF and curator Valerie Leavy are pleased to present “Dark Matter”, a group exhibition of works that explore the darker side of the human psyche. Gathering the voices of eight emerging contemporary artists working across mediums, Valerie Leavy presents an exhibition that aims to examine and confront the mysterious and sometimes sinister side of human nature. The work for “Dark Matter” will include new paintings and illustrations, as well as the possibility of prints, mixed media and installation to be presented at the opening. An opening reception will be held on Friday, August 19, 2011 from 7-10PM and is free and open to those 21+.

 “Dark Matter” is an invisible, unnoticeable entity that we know little about yet, nonetheless, fills all space. It’s not practical to acknowledge it in our daily routine, but it is there. Likewise, there are negative, sinister, and mysterious things in our lives that we’d like to pretend are just as invisible. Dark Matter is a bold-faced exploration of the shadowy side of the human experience; the artists seek to pull the curtain back on these hidden underworlds and confront them head-on.

The artists of “Dark Matter” will explore varied realms of inquiry. The political, the personal, the psychological, and the surreal will be addressed on a level plane. A monochromatic palette of black and grey will permeate the exhibition in stark contrast to the white walls, creating a striking visual effect that will unify the exhibition as well as accentuate the variety of artistic approach. When color is eliminated, other design choices become more apparent, highlighting each artist’s unique identity.

Work will feature ruminations on the psyche, nightmares, hidden drives, monsters, and the darker side of reality: politics, corruption, futility, and abuse of power. The theme of “Dark Matter” is designed to take the viewer on a journey that descends into sinister worlds and allows them to acknowledge their own dark side. It seeks to arouse the kind of fascination that one might have for deviant subjects like the Occult or serial killers. Dark Matter thus encourages us to explore and even indulge our dark sides without having to be them.

Valerie Leavy was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri where she studied Art History & Criticism at Webster University.  After briefly joining the graduate program at Stony Brook, Leavy left to follow her passion and talent for working directly with artists and artworks. That decision brought her to San Francisco in 2009, where she is currently employed as a gallery associate and independent curator.  Leavy is deeply committed to helping shape the careers of the artists she believes in, making the lifestyle of a full-time artist both rewarding and feasible. She has curated at Basement Gallery Oakland and 1:AM Gallery in San Francisco.

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